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Mental health is so important and is something that I make a priority with all of my clients. I believe when your body feels good, so does your mind. There are four things I recommend, exercise, a good diet, good sleep and taking time to do something you enjoy. 

For exercise, it just takes 8 minutes every morning. Every Monday I share a new 8- minute workout on my social channels and continue to provide those who don’t have time to workout a simple way to get fit and feel great at home.

For a good diet, I recommend my fasting swaps program. Every week I share simple swaps that make it easy to feast while fasting. From working with fast cheat lattes, to meals, to smoothies. Every week I do a live meeting regarding fast cheats.

For good sleep, I recommend a Gravity Blanket. I swear by this weighted blanket. Gravity is the only brand of weighted blanket proven to improve sleep and reduce stress. In a recent SleepScore Labs study, 72 percent of people reported a better night’s sleep with Gravity. Best part of all, you’ll get 30% off when you use CRUISECONTROL on their site.

Taking time to do something you enjoy is a type of self-care. I love spending quality time with my kids. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant as long as you’re relaxing and enjoying. This can be going to the beach, walking your dog, or going to get your nails done.

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