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I’m a fitness trainer, so of course, I think that staying healthy with good old-fashioned physical activity is the best way to go. You have to exercise and work up a good sweat to get the results you want — there isn’t an easy way around that! And we all know that besides the toning benefits you get from exercise, it’s great for energy, sleep, and mental clarity and well-being. Exercise is the gold standard when it comes to feeling great and improving your overall health.

That said, there’s been some very cool, recent advances in fitness technology that may allow you to forego some of those exercise efforts, while still providing an optimal body conditioning experience. A machine that can improve your body’s energy system functioning, while you sit comfortably in a pod and relax. Sounds too good to be true, right? I thought so too, so I decided to give it a try. What I discovered was an amazing, super-cool new wellness device that is creating a lot of buzz — it’s called CVAC.

In the CVAC™ Process, which stands for the Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning™, effort and workload are each varied and increased by using patterned sequential progression in amplitude of dynamic pressure changes to fresh air. I’ve gotten to know the super-intelligent team at CVAC, because I’m always eager to try new solutions that will increase my performance and my overall wellness. They have a ton of research and development behind their technology to prove that regular, rhythmic use of the CVAC Process can elicit some of the same benefits gained through traditional exercise.

So basically…you sit in a pod and relax for about 20 minutes while the machine does all this amazing work! It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned, professional athlete or if you are completely out-of-shape and unconditioned — people of all activity levels can utilize this cutting-edge technology.

The CVAC process provides the benefits of traditional aerobic and anaerobic exercise, without the joint stress and physical exertion that can be associated with it. So not only is it great for active people who want to decompress and re-energize, but it’s also a fantastic solution for people who are not conditioned and can’t engage in physical exercise for whatever reason. The machine creates an environment inside the pod where those who are sedentary can enjoy the same cellular conditioning benefits as those who are more fit.

For athletes and active people, you know and understand that working out improves your overall body fitness by increasing demand on your body’s energy systems. In CVAC sessions, your fitness is also improved by increased effort, but the challenges are provided by varied changes in air pressure. The body naturally adapts to this increased demand, which improves and accelerates fitness even more. One benefit that many CVAC users report is an improvement in the use of available oxygen, which could result in longer cardio workouts with less exhaustion. So, you can improve your performance and endurance naturally and faster by improving your recovery.

So, what happens during a CVAC session? You sit back and chill out in the CVAC Pod. As the pressure changes, there are changes in the temperature and density of the air, and there are periods of warmer air and of cooler air. One thing that’s important to note here is that you’ll need to clear your ears as the pressure changes (as you would in an airplane). In a CVAC session, air is drawn out of the pod, creating a low-pressure environment, and making the air thinner and cooler. Fresh, filtered air is dynamically returned to the pod, which varies the density of the air. So cool, right?

Want to find out more about the benefits of CVAC and find out where you can try it in your area? Visit CVAC’s website for more information about this amazing technology, the science behind it, and how it could up your wellness game!

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