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After long weekends spending time with my family, whether we go on hikes, spend the day at the beach, or go to my boys’ sporting events, we all need a way to recover and get ready for the work/school week ahead. 
One of my favorite ways to recover is by using Cryotherapy technology. Cryotherapy is the science of exposing the body to sub-zero temperatures of up to -140 degrees Celsius in order to stimulate multiple physical and mental health benefits.

By reducing the surface temperature of the skin to that degrees, it boosts blood circulation and reduces inflammation. The increase circulation of healthy nutrients int he body stimulates various health benefits. 
As you may know, on the Cruise Control diet, we are all about anti-inflammatory meals for meal 1 and meal 2 on my plan. So adding this to my regime every week just helps to bolster my body’s ability to reduce inflammation making me look better and feel better. 

My favorite system to use is the Penguin by CRYO Science which is talked about in my newest book, “The Cruise Control Diet”, on page 225. Head to amazon.com to buy my book and read more about why I use cryotherapy. 

The CRYO Penguin is a mobile device that offers the ability to localize treatment to an affected area, meaning it’s not a full body machine, but rather one that you can hold in your hand and apply to the areas that you need to reduce inflammation. After I workout legs I’ll use it on my legs, on arm and shoulder day I’ll use it in those areas, you can even give yourself a cryo facial to help reduce inflammation in the face and slow the effects aging has on your skin and body. 

Check out more about CRYO Science at their website cryosc.com Follow them on social to keep up on all the latest tips and tricks! https://www.instagram.com/cryo_science/

I wanted to issue a public apology to CRYO Science. In my new book we made a mistake in the reference section and inputted the wrong URL to find their product. This will be updated in the re-print of “The Cruise Control Diet”. Please know that the correct CRYO Science URL is posted on all digital media, blogs, social, etc. it is only incorrect in the book. You guys will love this product, I guarantee you so check them out if you are ready to de-inflame your body and look and feel like the best version of yourself!  cryosc.com 

Peace and Purpose,


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