Jorge had a very difficult start to life. He was raised by his Colombian-Catholic grandmother with oppressive rules about allowing himself to be who he was, a gay young man. This struggle caused him to unknowingly eat to make himself feel better. Ironically, this difficult start to life gave him the motivation to search out the most effective ways to transform his life.

His Cruise Control Fasting method focuses in on intermittent fasting and is truly the culmination of his entire career. Cruise Control is the most powerful modality he’s ever utilized himself or with his celebrity clients because it allows you to feast while fasting. Cruise Control has been praised by everyone such as Wendy Williams, Kelly Ripa, Rachael Ray, and even People Magazine as a true revolution in nutrition that is “Better Than Keto”.



Brooke.has used Cruise Control to keep her body healthy and feeling her best. “I always say that I’m Jorge’s physical “Body of Evidence,” because I’ve been consistently following Cruise Control for the past two years and I’ve never had such high energy, health, and mood and such low body fat in my life.”


Meet Mr. Steve Harvey who lost 11 pounds with Jorge. “I want to thank Jorge ,I did participate in the program, I didn’t do it perfectly, but I lost 11 pounds!”


Meet Countess Luann, a television personality, model, author, and singer. She has been following Jorge’s plans for years and has maintained a healthy weight all the while. 


Julie is a busy teacher, wife, mom, and mentor to many. In the past she had great success losing weight following restrictive diets that just weren’t a sustainable lifestyle so the weight just came back plus more. Julie reached a high weight of 230 lbs before starting Cruise Control Fasting. She is down 55 pounds so far and still losing! Cruise Control has been easy for Julie to turn into her lifestyle and there is no turning back. Julie enjoys mentoring other “Cruisers” on the lifestyle and creating delicious recipes using the foods from the approved lists.


Top 3 Cruise Control Fasting Tips
1. Trust the process-Intermittent Fasting may seem daunting, butter in your coffee may sound odd, trust that this will work!
2. Don’t do this alone, be part of the community-We are always better together! Get an accountability partner to keep you on track
3. Work the plan and the plan will work for you-The plan is well laid out and easy to follow. Follow it for 3 weeks, it’ll become a habit, follow for 3 months and it’s your lifestyle.


Meet Bronwyn Minin, 48 year old Life Coach from NYC.  Known to be a “hamster on the diet wheel” until she tried Cruise Control and went from a size 20 to a size 12 and has finally gotten off of her “wheel”.


Her cravings for sugar have gone and she starts her morning off with coffee and REAL cream, which makes her feel decadent.  Her energy levels are up and so is her confidence!  Cruise Control is easy to follow and the results are amazing. Now instead of thinking about food she is happily thinking about what outfit to wear next in her new closet.


Meet Alisha, a bubbly receptionist who used to overeat when she felt stressed or had anxiety. With Tiny and Full, she focused on controlling her appetite by eating HIGH volume foods that are LOW in calories. 

After 7 years of yo-yo dieting, Alisha has finally found the plan that has helped her shed 65 stubborn pounds. The same girl that used to be out-of-breath trying to catch the subway is now running up the stairs to catch the subway every morning with no huffing or puffing. Alisha’s physical transformation inspired a mental transformation as well. No longer does Alisha feel insecure or depressed about herself, she now feels empowered and confident. Today, Alisha is no longer afraid to walk into a room, she now makes an entrance. Alisha’s plans are to go after her dreams of becoming a Hollywood actress and making Jorge her official trainer when she hits it big.


Meet Emily, a bride-to-be who wants to be in the best shape of life for her wedding. Before Tiny and Full, Emily had a tendency to skip meals throughout the day and overeat at night. She worked on automating her breakfast and lunch so that she DID eat throughout the day and wouldn’t sabotage herself by binge eating at night. Prepping her meals the night before and sticking to the same types of meals daily helped her, as it helped all of Team Jorge, control the amount of food she put in her body without overeating.

Emily is young and has her whole life ahead of her. Her goals before starting the challenge included looking “dead sexy” in her wedding dress. It’s safe to say, “Mission accomplished!” She is going to make a GORGEOUS bride!

“I’ve already had to resize my ring! My fiance was overseas when I started this diet but he is back and was shocked at my weight loss! I’ve even got him on the diet and he’s lost 17 lbs. with me so far!”


Meet Amanda 41 year old mother of three who struggled with getting her body back after two recent pregnancies about one year apart and a 50lb total weight gain. 

After meeting Jorge a little under a year ago, and discovering his cruise control fasting method, she began incorporating it into her busy life. Following Jorge’s plan she was able to lose all 50lbs and get back to her original pre-pregnancy weight! 
“I learned that automating my diet was the key to staying on track and keeping the weight off forever. At the age of 41, I truly feel healthier and more confident than I ever did in my 20’s. 
“I am extremely proud of my slim tummy. No more baggy shirts for me!”  “I plan to keep it that way.” 


Meet Nicole! After my second child was born, I ballooned up to 203 pounds. I tried to follow Weight Watchers a few times, but failed to lose all the weight or keep what I lost off. One day my dad gave me Jorge’s plan and I decided to give it a shot; 86 lbs. and 15 in. later, I’ve finally found what truly works. 

Even the manager at my gym noticed the incredible change in my life. He even pulled me aside and asked if I would share my story with other gym members.

My body has been transformed my confidence has increased. I’ve never felt better. This is my new way of life and I love it.


Meet Jessica, she lost 58 pounds following Jorge. She said that you have to start with the choice to embrace a healthy lifestyle, she had to not let obstacles hold her back. 


Meet Pablo! I had given up trying to lose weight until my wife brought home Jorge’s Cruise Control diet. I really thought this was just going to be another thing I would fail at. I didn’t fail, I crushed my weight loss goal! I lost 60lbs and 7 inches off my waist! Following Jorge’s plan I never felt hungry and always felt energized and healthy! This is not a fad diet, this is the real deal. The easiest lifestyle change I have ever made! I now eat with purpose and give my body the healthy fuel it needs to power my day and eliminate hunger. #BetterThanKeto #CruiseControlDiet


Meet Suresh! The man of the office who has had success losing weight in the past, but has always gained it back because he is always HUNGRY. Suresh lost 55 lbs. in 8 weeks. Now that Suresh has lost the weight again, he is feeling confident and determined to keep the weight off. “I’ve learned so much: how to lose weight and listen to what my body wants and needs. I learned what hunger versus thirst means and how much my body needs sleep.”