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How It All Works

“If it can work for me, it will definitely work for you!”

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Fat loss is NOT supposed to be a mystery and it’s not supposed to be hard. You absolutely deserve to enjoy every moment and every meal while shedding the pounds and melting away the inches. In fact I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to eat all the foods you love in the proper way that guarantees you can say “good-bye” forever to stubborn fat. And best of all you will have the SAME level of guidance that my A-list clients pay up to $600 PER session to receive (and you get 12 whole weeks!).

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  • SAVE $684.27 in 12 weeks—following my automation strategies you can pocket the price of groceries for a family of 4 for 2 months!
  • QUICK, LASTING fat loss—you will lose up to 5 lbs. of stubborn fat each week! PLUS you’ll learn how to easily keep it off forever.
  • SAFE fat loss—NO scary regimens, NO complicated formulas, NO calorie counting or fads.
  • SUPPORTED fat loss—you’ll have personal LIVE support from me every step of the way!
  • SATISFYING fat loss—you’re going to enjoy this process without ever feeling deprived, starved, frustrated or cheated.
  • ENERGIZING & EMPOWERING transformation—you will witness such a complete and radiant metamorphosis of your body, your health, and your visible age that you may barely recognize the marvel in the mirror!



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As you know, I’ve been coaching women and men in effective permanent fat loss for over 13 years. I’ve worked with everyone from celebrities who require dramatic and safe results that can border on the superhuman…to people just like you and me who have been waging war against our own bodies and the slick fad diets promising to fix them (that pretty much always leave us feeling frustrated and betrayed). And you know what I keep hearing in each and every case?

  • You’re sick of counting calories!
  • You’re fed up with being told what you have to give up, how you have to sacrifice yet again, why you can’t have what you want or eat what you like…
  • If one more person tells you it’s just a matter of willpower they’re probably going to get it!
  • Diet foods don’t taste good, don’t satisfy, and still you’re left craving and feeling unfulfilled.
  • Dangerous diet pills, magic formulas and expensive prescription drugs (not to mention the surgeries that kill some of their patients and rarely achieve lasting results): These are absolutely NOT an option… but everything else feels like too much work, struggle and crippling disappointment…

After days, weeks… even months or years of this frustrating struggle to lose the weight and shed the inches in light of all these inconveniences… The stubborn fat still won’t budge! It’s enough to drive you mad, right? And I know, because I nearly drove myself crazy trying to crack the code on losing weight. Sure I wanted to look my best but I was also concerned about my health. I packed on the pounds as a child and had a hard time getting rid of it as I got older. I was 40 lbs. over weight and needed to make a change.

What Finally Made the Difference Was…

I found a coach. It’s as simple as that. I knew what I needed to do to lose that stubborn fat, but had a hard time on my own. So I stopped thinking I could do it all by myself and found a support system that worked for me. Personally, it was a coach who provided me with not only the tools I needed to eat right, but the motivation I needed to stay positive and stick to the program. I was not only getting my body right, but was getting my mind right through my coach’s motivation.

My coach was everywhere with me (or so it felt). When I woke up in the morning, I always had a message waiting in my inbox that was exactly what I needed to hear to start the day off right. I now firmly believe that if you start the day on a positive note, it sets the whole tone for your day. Soon, it felt like my coach was with me at the grocery store, the coffee shop, when I was traveling or hanging out with my family. His words and thoughts and tips were always there and I always felt prepared. It was priceless.

My coach was also very good at holding me accountable daily and gave me guidance with weekly in-person meetings. My coach would create strategies for the weeks ahead. It really helped me stay on track and feel like I was finally in control of my eating and my life.

I truly feel that having a coach allowed me to get my mind focused and sharp in order to truly succeed. After years of failing on my own, I finally lost that 40 lbs. of stubborn fat that I had been carrying around for too long. It was the first time it became effortless and has never come back since. I am so grateful to have had a coach who helped me through that time.

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Since losing the weight, my life has transformed and I have been given the freedom to chase my dream of helping others lose their stubborn fat. I feel so blessed to have created a career that has helped so many.

Since I have become a weight loss and fitness coach, I have done more research into the benefits of having a support system. Not surprisingly, especially after seeing the results in my own life, I discovered that there is scientific research concluding that having a coach and/or someone to be accountable to really does increase your success. In fact, according to one study, you can see 3x the weight loss results by having someone to check in with. We sometimes are ashamed to get help because we think it’s a sign of weakness or we don’t want to admit we need the help, but the most successful people work with others in order to achieve the most results.

Click to ready the studies: National Institutes of Health, Society for Public Health Education, The New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of American Medical Association

And in case you’re not familiar with me and my work over the past decade to cure weight loss…

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Look what 1,786 pounds of weight loss between ONLY 32 clients looks like.

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You can also see some of my clients secrets to success below:

I’ll be honest: being featured so widely in the media is rewarding and exciting. I feel honored to be able to spread my message. But what it really tells me is that too many women and men out there are still searching for the right answer to getting rid of their stubborn fat. And if you’re still looking that means you still haven’t achieved your fat loss goals yet. The answers you’ve been getting aren’t working for you. And that’s why…

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WEEK 1: Lose Stubborn Fat THIS Week!

Clients on the Stubborn Fat – Gone program see dramatic results their very first week.

In Week One, we focus on why stubborn fat is dangerous to your emotional and physical health PLUS you learn how to eat the foods you love in a way that programs your body to stop promoting and storing fat—and sheds the pounds.

Imagine the joy and freedom… the almost guilty pleasure you’ll relish as you eat delicious mouthwatering meals and indulge in daily chocolate, wine, pasta and pancakes – all while effortlessly losing those nasty stubborn pounds and inches all those challenging diets could never help you lose before.

I’ll go into this more later but let me mention it now: I don’t expect you to take my word for all this. I know you’ve invested in your weight loss before and you’ve been disappointed, betrayed, burned and taken for your hard earned dollar. It might not have been their fault and it surely wasn’t yours.

So my promise to you is that you’re going to see dramatic results your very first 7 days on this program. And if you don’t you will absolutely get your money back – every penny. Because if I can’t help you I don’t want it. Plus this allows you to truly step into your power and do this without fearing any risk or loss (other than fat loss!).



WEEK ONE TOOLS:Assets_Week_1

  • Week One’s Carb Swap Menu
  • “How to Lose Your Belly in One Week” Guide
  • Goal Setting Card
  • Vegetarian/Vegan & Gluten-Free Customization Guide
  • 3 Meal Planners: Carb Lovers, Women Over 40 and Rapid
  • Quick Start Reference Card

WEEK 2: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth “Belly Smart” Style!

Stubborn Fat – Gone is about never having to diet again.

I don’t want you depriving yourself or eating foods you don’t like. This week we learn how to eat smart sweets that work with your body to release stubborn fat instead of storing it. PLUS never again guess about what to eat… never struggle with cravings or temptations. You’ll keep your energy high and steady all day long and put your weight loss on autopilot all while satisfying your sweet tooth! By the end of this week you’ll also be celebrating up to 10 pounds of stubborn fat loss!!



WEEK TWO TOOLS: Assets_Week_2

  • Week Two’s Carb Swap Menu
  • The Carb Swap System Guide
  • “At a Glance” Freebie Food List (perfect for shopping, eating out or rummaging through the kitchen!)
  • Smart Sugar Reference Card
  • 3 Meal Planners: Carb Lovers, Women Over 40 and Rapid

WEEK 3: Transform Your Kitchen into Your Stubborn Fat Loss Station!

Have you ever accidentally derailed a diet by eating what you thought was a healthy snack… or perhaps you made a “healthy” meal with a fat-spawning ingredient you didn’t know about? We’ve all done it and no successful weight loss can last if you leave these devastating silent saboteurs in your kitchen. This week we ferret out and remove those nasty culprits and outfit your kitchen with “belly good” products that promote stubborn fat loss. You’ll be able to effortlessly prepare meals with barely a thought to what you’re eating. No more accidental sabotage and no more wondering why the pounds won’t fall away!




  • Week Three’s Carb Swap Menu
  • The “Belly Good” Kitchen Swap Report
  • 3 Meal Planners: Carb Lovers, Women Over 40 and Rapid

WEEK 4: Say Good-Bye for GOOD to That Final Stubborn Fat!

By week four you’ll have released up to 80% or even 90% of your target fat loss.

But have you ever noticed how those last 5 or 10 pounds are the most stubborn? That’s because it’s often FALSE belly fat – body toxins parading as fat. This week you eliminate this false belly fat and you get to marvel at what your truly lean, flat, beautiful stomach looks and feels like! By week four you’ll also notice an improved skin elasticity, healthy glow and overall boost in energy (if you didn’t notice them the very first week!). Removing toxins from your system will also assist in reversing any signs of aging. Exciting isn’t it?!



WEEK FOUR TOOLS: Assets_Week_4

  • Week Four’s Carb Swap Menu
  • Jorge’s Cleansing Green Drink Recipe Card
  • “Fat Loss Optimizer” Menu
  • 3 Meal Planners: Carb Lovers, Women Over 40 and Rapid

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WEEK 5: Stubborn Fat is NOT Your Fault! Overcoming Your Programming

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Stubborn Fat is not your fault.

You are physically programmed to store fat. You are mentally and emotionally programmed to store fat. During Month One we changed your body’s physical programming to naturally burn fat. This week we change your psychological programming to naturally maintain your new lean body. For example, have you ever eaten an entire bag of chips, or a whole pint of ice cream because you were upset? Have you ever gone off your diet “just for today” so you could celebrate with friends and family? This isn’t because you don’t know the right things to do. It’s because without changing your subconscious programming you’re constantly working against yourself and that struggle is ultimately impossible to maintain.

This week is about empowering yourself and regaining control of your eating as you end compulsive, stress-related eating once and for all. You’ll achieve a new found confidence and clarity that will stay with you the rest of your days – not just in the area of health and weight loss but in ALL areas of your life!



WEEK FIVE TOOLS: Assets_Week_5

  • Week Five’s Carb Swap Menu
  • Accountability Partner Program
  • The Accountability Solution Guide
  • 3 Meal Planners: Carb Lovers, Women Over 40 and Rapid

WEEK 6: Say “YES!” to Eating Out! (And Even to Fast Food!)

Don’t you dare believe anyone who tells you that you can’t have the body you want without sacrificing conveniences. You absolutely can and you will! Today’s lifestyle requires quick meals, fast food on the go… even frozen meals. So this week we make sure you have on-the-go menus, instant-fix meal recipes and “carb smart” snack foods… even easy tricks for ordering fast food so you can still eat it all, save time and banish the stubborn fat so that it never comes back.



WEEK SIX TOOLS: Assets_Week_6

  • Week Six’s Carb Swap Menu (‘No-Cook’ Meals!)
  • The Restaurant and Fast Food Library
  • 3 Meal Planners: Carb Lovers, Women Over 40 and Rapid

WEEK 7: Red Alert! How to Keep the Stubborn Fat Off in a Pinch

Have you ever felt like your diet just chucked your social life onto the chopping block?

Most of us are terrified to eat out, see friends, travel or take vacation, go to parties or any social events (or even the office!) when we’re dieting. It feels like anything fun will lead to fat. End the emotional tug-of-war between your joy and your tummy and relish the freedom from that dreaded “yo-yo” effect – you can actually party your way to being forever thin. All it takes is knowing how to spot the party foods you can eat and then ones you should avoid. Plus it’s easy to surprise your party host by preparing any of our fantastic holiday and party recipes or bringing along any of the dozens of “carb smart” delights you can grab at any grocery store. We also tackle satisfying your kids or teenagers while creating family meals on Stubborn Fat – Gone.




  • Week Seven’s Carb Swap Menu
  • Party Quick-Tips Guide
  • Cooking with Kids
  • 3 Meal Planners: Carb Lovers, Women Over 40 and Rapid

WEEK 8: A Taste of Success: Member Check In

This week we’re going to pause and check in with you to see where you’re at in your goals, what you’ve been doing that’s really working for you and where you still may be struggling or stumped. This week we’re going to share my top 5 clients who share their secrets for their phenomenal success. As always we will address all of your questions LIVE on Facebook so that you can share your most effective tips you’ve learned so far along with any areas where you’re still stumped or struggling.




  • Week Eight’s Carb Swap Menu
  • Member Check-In Survey
  • 3 Meal Planners: Carb Lovers, Women Over 40 and Rapid

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WEEK 9: Let Your Body MOVE

By now you have a completely transformed body, plus you have way more energy. Your body will naturally crave movement. It also turns out that keeping your muscles strong and toned will not only improve your cardiovascular health… more muscle mass keeps your metabolism high making it even easier to keep the fat off! Why am I only covering exercise now in month three? Because exercise is NOT good for weight loss – and you’ll discover why. When you begin exploring exercise for its own sake because your body desires it—not as a forced punishment to batter your body into shape… there’s a certain kind of joy that settles into your spirit and fills your being with buzzing energy and peaceful ease. That’s the kind of exercise I want for you!



WEEK NINE TOOLS: Assets_Week_9

  • Week Nine’s Carb Swap Menu
  • “Easy Exercise for Busy People” Packet
  • “Easy Exercise for Busy People” Guide to Toning and Firming
  • 3 Meal Planners: Carb Lovers, Women Over 40 and Rapid

WEEK 10: Enjoy the Path of Indulgence

This week we celebrate indulgence! Do you ever notice how some women and men seem to have a love affair with food? They absolutely love it and it seems to love them back… because they never gain an ounce!

There’s an art and science behind indulgence that allows you to savor the finer things in life while still melting away the stubborn fat. How would you like to enjoy a glass of wine or beer every night with a bar of rich, velvety chocolate? Or perhaps the thought of having ice cream each and every day fills you with a kind of secret thrill!

We’ll cover how to indulge smartly so that even the greatest indulgence doesn’t derail your fat loss efforts.



WEEK TEN TOOLS: Assets_Week_10

  • Week Ten’s Carb Swap Menu
  • “How to Indulge Yourself” Report
  • Sweet Treats Quick-Reference Card
  • 3 Meal Planners: Carb Lovers, Women Over 40 and Rapid

WEEK 11: Summer, with A New You!

The final step to permanent transformation and ensuring that the stubborn fat stays off for good is to give yourself permission to become someone new – a rebirth if you will.

Imagine the empowerment you’ll experience when you prove to yourself that all the past struggles and challenges you’ve suffered no longer dictate future results. This week we focus on developing new and powerful definitions of your new self as well as fortifying your natural confidence.




  • Week Eleven’s Carb Swap Menu
  • How to Reinforce Success: Identity and Power Labels
  • 3 Meal Planners: Carb Lovers, Women Over 40 and Rapid

WEEK 12: Celebrate and Pass it On

Congratulations on completing the 12-week Stubborn Fat – Gone Program! This week we share each others’ accomplishments and fortify our commitment to continuing this lifestyle. We set new goals for our health and lifestyle moving forward, focusing on how we can pay our success forward to our friends, loved ones and children.




  • Week Twelve’s Carb Swap Menu
  • Certificate of Completion
  • “Pass It On” Reference Card
  • 3 Meal Planners: Carb Lovers, Women Over 40 and Rapid

This level of personal coaching and 24/7 access is an enormous undertaking for me so please understand that I cannot offer it for free. I completely respect and understand that income may be a challenge for some and so although we have to cover our expenses and our ability to continue doing what I love (helping people like you transform your body and health) we want to make this affordable and sensible for you.

To charge my normal rate would cost more than $6,000.00. That earns you direct access to me, plus live coaching sessions and everything else every single day for 90 days. That’s less than $5 per day and I can guarantee you that the money you’ll save with the recipes, food swaps, and menus in this program will PUT MORE MONEY INTO YOUR POCKET than you invest in this program.


And as I mentioned earlier, this program is backed by a…Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 9.59.19 AM

…if you don’t see dramatic results your very first week with this program (and yes direct access to me and the Stubborn Fat- Gone process is so effective that clients consistently see results their very first week!) Simply visit and my team will refund your every penny, no questions asked.

This way you won’t have to wonder “what if” or feel stressed about whether you will achieve results in return for your investment. Give it a shot, attend our first meeting, follow the program and know that when you get results it’s worth it! And if you don’t get results, you don’t pay a dime.

Plus, even if you refund you’ll get to keep all your curriculum tools for the first week, the video downloads and transcripts from our first week’s session, PLUS over $500 in free bonuses you’ll learn about below!

So grab your spot now! We kick off the program on Monday, March 3rd. But don’t worry if you ever miss a live meeting. All meetings are recorded and ready for immediate replay.

I’ve also thrown in over 15 bonus interviews, videos, and guides that will be available when we start the Stubborn Fat – Gone Live Coaching Program…

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 9.57.40 AM

Exclusive Celebrity Interviews

  • “The Fifth Agreement” with Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements ($20 value)
  • “Why Calories Don’t Matter” with Dr. Andrew Weil ($14 value)
  • “The Science of Youth” with Dr. Christiane Northrup ($12 value)
  • “The Science of Skinny” with Gary Taubes ($27 value)
  • “Sugar Shock” with Dr. Mehmet Oz ($17 value)

Video Coaching Library

  • Carb Control Course ($247 value)
  • Ask Jorge Video Series ($79 value)

Success Client Secrets

  • Anthony Lost 210 lbs ($14 value)
  • Rosalie Lost 90 lbs ($14 value)
  • Amber Lost 53 lbs ($14 value)
  • Nicole Lost 86 lbs ($14 value)

Freebie at Home Cooking Videos with Jorge

  • Fat Melting Fried Chicken ($12 value)
  • Jorge’s Fried Tomatoes ($12 value)
  • Skinny Muffin ($12 value)
  • Chocolate Lace Cookies ($12 value)
  • Jorge’s Flax Pancakes ($12 value)
  • No Carb Almond Bread ($12 value)
  • Tuscan Spinach Chicken ($12 value)

“This is the easiest and most delicious way to lose weight, ever!”


So there you have it! I have really enjoyed putting this program together and we can’t wait to work with you over the next 12 weeks.

I know that taking new steps toward our most private dreams forces us to walk through our deepest fears so I’m not trying to push you into doing anything you don’t want to. I simply want you to know that if this feels right for you I’ll do everything in my power to support you, empower you, and partner with you to ensure success. It’s time to rewrite any past failures and release any past pain associated with your weight or health. I’m here to walk with you these next 12 weeks if you’ll have me as your coach.

To Looking & Feeling Your Best,



To charge my normal rate would cost more than $6,000. That earns you direct access to me every single day, plus live coaching sessions and all materials for 90 days. That’s less than $5 per day and I can guarantee you that the money you’ll save with the recipes, food swaps, and menus in this program will PUT MORE MONEY INTO YOUR POCKET than you invest in this program.