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So you’ve probably heard me say to stay away from wheat, barley and rye. This is because they contain gluten. Gluten is a sticky, storage protein that is challenging for the digestive track. Our bodies don’t generally do well with gluten. While some people can tolerate it, they may find that they are very bloated after eating it. Celiac disease is on the rise and one of the main things they can’t have, is gluten.

So before your body gets to a point like this, you should actively try and take steps to decrease the amount of gluten you’re putting in your body. One of my favorite ways to do this is to replace crackers and bread at the dinner table with gluten-free bread or veggies to dip in the hummus, guacamole, or what have you.

One of my ultimate favorites that you probably never thought of, is cheese! Parm Crisps has the most amazing cheese crisps that contain 0% gluten and 100% amazing taste and the same texture as a chip.

I’ll bring bags of these around with me in case I am hungry and need a little snack, and I also crumble them and can make a type of healthy garnish if I have a meal that needs a little sometime extra, like soup perhaps!

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