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So many of my celebrity clients are on set all day and surprisingly at their desk all day. They want to have the best foods that allow them to stay well and avoid being sick. 

The #1 key is making sure you give your body the antioxidants you need to overcome physical and mental and emotional stress. Some of the best sources re from fruits and vegetables. 

Unfortunately, many of these choices are high in sugar which actually causes inflammation. The key is to find the best fruits and vegetables that are low in sugar and high in antioxidants.

For me, what I recommend is to always use a lemon or lime in your water throughout the day however you wish since it is rich in Vitamin C but incredibly low in sugar. 

My other superfood is the avocado. Many of my clients don’t realize that it is super fruit. And because it’s rich in healthy fats, it’s also an anti-inflammatory powerhouse. 

My recommendation is to squeeze half a lemon or lime into your water with a pinch of sat salt which is rich in magnesium and potassium if you can use Himalayan pink salt.

I would also incorporate avocado or avocado oil in your dinner tonight. It is one of the healthiest superfoods that will reduce inflammation and can work as best as certain medicines that reduce inflammation.

One of my favorite shortcuts for when I don’t have time is SweetLeaf water drops, check out this brand on my Amazon account.

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