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Probably the greatest cutting edge technology I’ve discovered to reduce inflammation is called PEMF, or pulsed electromagnetic field. It’s a way to get your body energized with soothing pulsed electromagnetic fields

My favorite one to use is from Pulse Centers.  Their systems apply focused pulsing magnetic stimulation directly into the body through our versatile range of accessories. The pulsing magnetic fields thoroughly stimulate every area of the body. The result? People who use our systems have experienced significantly improved health and wellbeing with noticeable improvement and results on the very first visit.

This tech is absolutely incredible for reducing inflammation for professional athletes, clients of mine such as Anthony Robbins, and is cutting edge that is available in so many recovery centers.

Some of the other benefits of using this system are:

-Long term pain relief

-Stress reduction

-Improved sleep

-Optimal wellness

More importantly, listen to the full interview that I did with the CEO, Greg Johnson, on the all-new Jorge Cruise podcast!

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