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Being a fitness trainer for over 20 years, I’m constantly trying to up my wellness and performance game, and I’m always receptive to trying the latest health trends. I consider myself to be a biohacker, which means “hacking” your biology and improving your health with cutting-edge science and technology. I love experimenting with cool new ways to advance my overall health, my performance, my sleep, and my mental clarity. One of the most mind-blowing new advances that’s become popular in recent years is called cryotherapy. All of my celebrity clients have tried it…you’ve probably seen it on TV or online, where people jump into a frigid booth and bounce around for a few minutes.

Cryotherapy is the science of exposing the body to truly freezing, sub-zero temperatures of up to -140°C in order to stimulate physical and mental health benefits. It also reduces inflammation in the body, by boosting an anti-inflammatory chemical. So, why is this therapy’s impact on inflammation so important? Because inflammation is the root, underlying cause of many health issues and conditions, and simply lowering it can mean a stronger body. And when it comes to cryogenic solutions, the brilliant team at CRYO Science make the safest and most effective devices.

Back to inflammation…I think it’s important to break this down a little more, since many people don’t realize the dramatic impact it can have on your body. Inflammation, or swelling, is a very important process — a crucial part of the immune system’s response to injury and infection. It’s the body’s way of sending a big SOS to the immune system to swoop in, heal, and repair damaged tissue, and it also helps the body defend itself against foreign critters, like bacteria or viruses.

There are also a bunch of diseases that are classified as inflammatory, like allergies, asthma, autoimmune disorders, inflammatory bowel disease and hepatitis. I know for a fact that none of those are pleasant!  

Clearly it would be unrealistic to cut out inflammation completely, given how many different bodily systems it affects at any given time. For example, you may be an asthma sufferer who just sprained their knee — that’s a double-whammy of inflammation to fight! But it’s also clear that reducing the overall amount of it in your body will make you feel better and stronger. So it’s not surprising that solutions like cryotherapy are so popular, if one of the body-loving benefits is the reduction of inflammation.

Cryotherapy has been shown to have a variety of benefits, including anti-aging perks, pain relief, stress relief, and even weight loss. Now, a little more on how cryotherapy can help with recovery and inflammation, in particular. As I mentioned before, most injuries cause the body to become inflamed, swollen and red, and reducing that inflammation is how we recover from injuries. According to a slew of recent medical studies, cryotherapy has been shown to help you recover from most injuries faster by reducing inflammation and boosting blood circulation throughout the injured area. My friends at CRYO Science are the leaders in cryogenic solutions — they offer state-of-the-art cryotherapy chambers for full body treatments, as well as devices that provide more localized therapies.

While we’re talking about inflammation, I want to pass along a few other tips for reducing it. First off, you need to eat an anti-inflammatory diet. In my new book, The Cruise Control Diet, I talk about how important it is to eat foods that will lower inflammation, and I give you tons of meal options and recipes that are delicious and healthy. An important component to my Cruise Control Fasting plan — my spin on intermittent fasting where you cheat the 16-hour fast with healthy fats — is that you eat an anti-inflammatory diet consisting of 50% fats, 30% healthy carbs, and 20% protein during your 8-hour eating window.

Next, make time to exercise. Of course I’m going to tell you that, since fitness is my business! Figuring out what types of workouts you like and getting your blood pumping regularly will keep your body fit and make you feel great. And finally, figure out ways to lower your stress. Meditate, do some deep breathing, read, listen to music…whatever it is that calms you down and brings you peace, do it as often as you can.

Exposing the entire body to cryogenically-cooled air promotes regeneration, recovery and restoration. CRYO Science wants to inspire people to live their best and most powerful lives with their cutting-edge tech. To find out more about the benefits of cryotherapy, read up on all the latest research, and find out where you can get a Cryo session near you, head over to their web cryosc.com . And to keep up with all the latest innovations and cool treatments CRYO Science offers, check them out on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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