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We live in an incredibly fast-paced world these days, and between family, work, and all of life’s other responsibilities, I understand it can be really difficult to stick to your healthy eating goals. You know you should be eating real, whole, nourishing meals, but seriously…who has the time to shop, prep and cook every day? Some weeks you ROCK your nutrition game, and you feel great! But then there are also weeks that just get away from you. Because you’re busy, exhausted, and stressed, you find yourself grabbing convenience foods and snacks on the fly, ordering take-out, or throwing together random, processed pantry items at dinner time that are full of sugar, salt and carbs. Sound familiar?!

Enter Factor 75, a fantastic service that I’m really excited to tell you about. These guys have figured out the perfect formula, delivering chef-prepared, healthy meals right to your door. It’s so easy to set it up, too – simply pick your meals from their rotating weekly menu, and Factor 75 will cook and deliver fresh (NEVER frozen!) dishes straight to your home. Then, just heat, eat and enjoy – either at home or on the go. So now, it couldn’t be easier to get quality meals, prepared with optimal taste and nutrition in mind.

Another reason I really like this company is that they’re totally committed to using Ingredients with Integrity™, meaning everything they source for their meals is:

  • Grass-fed and pastured,
  • Gluten-free,
  • Has no antibiotics or hormones,
  • Has no refined sugars,
  • Soy-Free,
  • AND Non-GMO

With all the food sensitivities and dietary restrictions some of us have to work around, it’s great to know that Factor 75 starts with that baseline of excellence. Their expert chefs understand that it’s possible to create a beautiful culinary experience using whole, real ingredients. Bottom line: Factor 75 meals are nutrient-rich, expertly-prepared, and super-convenient, making it easy to reach your lifestyle and fitness goals without sacrificing time — or good taste!

So what makes Factor 75 different from all those other food delivery services out there? They have honest-to-goodness gourmet chefs creating their recipes, ensuring that every plate of food is not only wholesome but yummy and satisfying. Every meal is prepared fresh using high-quality ingredients, and their in-house dietitians also ensure that every meal is nutritionally optimized.

Their philosophy is similar to the one that I’ve been touting for over 20 years, which is to feel your absolute best, it’s not about dieting — it’s about performance eating. It’s awesome when the things we choose to eat because they taste good also have a positive impact on our health and wellness, and these guys agree that it boils down to one simple idea — eating better means living better. The folks who create these power-packed dishes look at the ingredients they use with one main focus in mind — whether or not their food will increase performance and overall quality of life. Factor 75 meals are filled with lean proteins, low glycemic carbs, and lots of healthy fat. Because when you eat real food, everything else will naturally fall into place.

And hey, if you’re on a Paleo, Keto or dairy-free diet, the chefs and dieticians at Factor 75 haven’t forgotten about you! While the team is enthusiastic about carving out their own unique take on nutrition and performance eating, they also have a selection of foods that accommodate most dietary restrictions.

Another amazing benefit of choosing a Factor 75 meal plan? You get access to their team of in-house dieticians, who offer nutritional services to help you come up with a solid plan to meet your individual health and fitness goals. When you sign up for a plan, they’ll even throw in a complimentary consultation, so that you can get advice from their experts for free. How cool is that?

And finally, what I really appreciate about this program is that there aren’t any crazy commitments. If it’s not working for you for any reason, at any time, they’ll allow you to pause, cancel or change your meal plan. You can choose as little as 4 or as many as 12 meals per week, depending on your schedule and what works best for your life and your family.  

So if you’re at a crossroads with your approach to eating and you’re looking for a delicious, time-saving, and nutritious solution, head over to Factor 75’s website to check out their menus and find out more about their plans. And to keep up with all the latest happenings, check them out on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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