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As I’ve gotten older, there is so much on my mind and so many different stressors, that when it’s time for me to go to bed, my body has the hardest time turning off. I had a beautiful italian bed that was aesthetically pleasing and super comfortable, but I just couldn’t get into that relaxed state that I needed to get a good night sleep.

I didn’t know that my bed was poisonous… did you?

I am honored to have met Claus and Denise Pummer. They introduced me to Samina and my sleep has never been the same.

I just recently met them and they helped set up my bed in my Del Mar home, look how amazing it looks!

Not only is it beautiful and the color of the wood fits in perfectly with my room decor, but I’m no longer poisoning my body with normal bed components like metal springs!

My Samina bed allows me to reset my body while relieving stress from the following things:

-Back pain



-Asthma and allergies

-Sleepless nights

-Tossing and turning



-Adjustable for comfort

-Eco-friendly, sustainable materials

-Animal friendly


-Spinal Support

-Breathable, open air system

I’ll never use another bed!

Check them out here: https://saminasleep.com/

Follow their social here: https://www.instagram.com/samina_sleep/

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