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I remember when I was younger, my mom, dad and sister would go to McDonalds or Thriftys on Sunday’s to get a double scoop of ice cream. My biggest  problem as a young chubby kid, was sweets and in particular, ice cream. Unfortunately, not knowingly back then they have 30-45 grams of sugar is obviously not good. For me, my ideal way to end my eating window is with some delicious treat.

Luckily for me, I found Killer Creamery it is healthy and stops hunger in its tracks so it ends my hunger at night.

Killer Creamery has various flavors with up to 19 grams of fat per serving! That guarantees that you turn off your hunger all night and won’t overeat at all due to the MCT oil derived from coconut oil in it!  There is no other ice cream in this league, this is the only product I suggest to my celebrity clients. Its’ beyond healthy, incredibly delicious, and makes dessert night at our house super fun with my sons Parker and Owen.

To learn more and buy your own healthy ice cream click here: https://killercreamery.com/

To follow along with them on social, click here: https://www.instagram.com/killercreamery/

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