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Now, I know I like to promote that you can workout without a gym or any equipment, but sometimes I like to use machinery when I know how beneficial it is to my body.

I know as i am nearing to 50, I am noticing a lot of changes in my body, and Vasper can help me to tackle so many of these things and stay feeling energized, strong, healthy and more!

Vasper is a revolutionary fitness & health technology that is designed to stimulate the bodies production of anabolic hormones. When we work out at a high intensity our bodies production of anabolic hormones increases which is arguably the single greatest benefit of exercise. These hormones help rebuild our body and affect every system with in it- energy, sleep and metabolism ect.

Vasper works on 3 scientifically proven principles – Vascular Compression, cooling and interval training. The synergy between these 3 components enables you to mimic the physiology of an intensive 2 hours work out and stimulate the same beneficial response from the endocrine system while completely mitigating the regular wear, tear, time effort and stress response associated with an intensive work out.

The vascular compression cuffs on the Vasper system wrap around the quadriceps and biceps, filling up with very cold water and squeezing the limb throughout a 21 min interval based work out. The pressure reduces the superficial blood flow to the muscle which results in a rapid high concentration of lactic acid and other metabolites. The strength of this concentration is the strength of the signal that the brain receives to restore the muscle to the pre exercise condition, initiating the downstream anabolic effect which is extremely beneficial to overall health and fitness.

The cooling element of Vasper enables the user to perform at a higher level and with greater comfort. When we exercise we generate heat and then sweat to cool down. The process of perspiration involves blood being shunted from the muscle to the surface of the skin, when this happens we lose blood volume and O2 levels with in the muscle and begin to fatigue and loose performance due to heat stress. By keeping the body cool through out the 21 min session the user is able to perform at a higher level while lowering the perceived level of exertion through out the work out.

Check out the links below to see how you can use Vasper!

Check them out on social here: https://www.instagram.com/vasper_systems/

To learn more find their website here: https://www.vasper.com/

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