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Being a celebrity fitness trainer and a television personnel requires me to keep up with my appearance, I have to make sure my body is in shape, that I’m healthy, that my hair shines, my face looks young, and that my teeth are white!

Dental health in general is very important to overall health. It leads to better gum health so that you don’t get any kind of disease since there is a wide variety of bacteria species in the mouth. Lower risk of heart attack, reduced risk of infertility, healthier pregnancy for women, less type 2 diabetes risk, lower risk of cancer, and healthier lungs.

Did you even know that having a clean mouth could help prevent from all these terrible things?!

Luckily for me, when I moved to LA, I have met some of the top doctors, dentists, dermatologists, etc. in their field.

I have been so lucky to be introduced to the best dentist I have ever had, Dr. Gabe Rosenthal.

He has a location in Encino which isn’t to far from my Malibu location, and I go to him for all of my dental needs.

He is helping Sam with a total reconstruction of his teeth to make them just the way he has always wanted them!

For me, he does the cleaning, whitening, and can even help with straightening should I ever need that!

If you live in the LA area, you need to make a visit to Dr. Rosenthal. He will literally make you have a 100 watt smile which will make you so much more confident and happier, I just know it!

To learn more about Dr. Rosenthal, check out his website here: http://gaberosenthaldds.com/

To call to learn more or book your own appointment with him, call this number: (818) 981-0394

Thank you Dr. Gabe for restoring Sam’s confident smile and giving me the 100 watt smile of my dreams!

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