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People are always asking me “Jorge, what is your secret? How do you do it?” And I tell them all the same thing: my secrets are easy to figure out, science has been telling us them all along, I just make it easier to digest at a simpler level.  

  1. SLEEP. Those eight hours every night make a world of difference! It gives your body and mind time to recover and metabolize. However, I’m human and getting to sleep can be hard sometimes with stress, travel and more. My secret to help me keep getting the sleep I need is Gravity Blankets. Using deep touch stimulation, the Gravity Blanket reduces your cortisol levels which soothes your body and mind. With products that fit everyone’s needs; like their patented weighted sleep mask, travel weighted blanket, Queen/King blanket, and different weights and colors to choose from! Gravity is the only brand of weighted blanket proven to improve sleep and reduce stress. In a recent SleepScore Labs study, 72 percent of people reported a better night’s sleep with Gravity. Best part of all, you’ll get 30% off when you use CRUISECONTROL on their site. 

  1. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. I am conscious of everything that impacts my body, but I like to treat myself. That’s why with my Automatic Weight Loss Flat Belly Meals, you can still eat all the foods you love to enjoy like pizza, pasta, and wine, and still burn fat! The secret is my fasting swaps program. Every week I share simple swaps that make it easy to feast while fasting. From working with fast cheat lattes, to meals, to smoothies. Every week I do a live meeting regarding fast cheats. Right now I’m having a promotion called Gift of Health, check it out here: https://member.jorgecruise.com/gift-of-health/ to become a member and give the gift of health to someone you love this holiday! 
  2. You know what this one is; EXERCISE. Letting your body get stagnant in the same movements everyday is dangerous for the body, especially if you work at a desk. It can cause circulation and muscle damage. My secret to this is you don’t have to do a huge workout every day to stay healthy. It just takes 8 minutes every morning. Every Monday I share a new 8- minute workout on my social channels and continue to provide those who don’t have time to work out a simple way to get fit and feel great at home. It’s a simple yoga routine that will help to strengthen your body. You’ll start to feel the changes in no time, just as long as you are consistent and working hard! 

As 2019 comes to a close, it’s time to think about how you want to attack these areas in 2020 and really be the year you make changes in your life.

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