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One of the most important bio hacks I’ve discovered in my life is the power of structured water and how important that is to reducing free radical damage to your body. One of the most incredible tools I have in my arsenal is the NanoVi by Eng3. It was created by Hans Eng and I am forever grateful.

He introduced the idea of utilizing “ordered” water. When I read about what this was, I was blown away. Sometimes it’s known as the fourth phase of water, when properly used, it reverses oxidative stress damage throughout the body. This means not just anti-aging, but indeed shifting all sorts of stress damage throughout the body.

All it takes is 15 minutes with this machine and your cells will thank you! I do it in the morning when I’m checking my emails and I already feel better. I sometimes use it after a workout as your cells need this stress reduction after working so hard.

To learn more find them here: http://eng3corp.com

For their social click here: https://www.instagram.com/eng3corp/

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