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I love innovation, I love trying new things, and I love when the companies that I love value the same thing!

This year, Killer Creamery is going to introduce ice cream with protein. 44 grams of protein, zero added sugar, and gluten free. It’s a triple threat!

I’m so happy that my kids are growing up in a world where we can eat ice cream on Sunday nights like I used to with my family, but instead of gaining weight and increasing our chances of getting diabetes, heart disease, or cancer, we actually get protein! What a world we live in.

Killer Creamery is sweetened with my favorite natural sweeteners, Xylitol, Erythritol and Stevia. These sweeteners have less calories than sugar, doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels, doesn’t cause tooth decay, is great even if you have diabetes, and is a common ingredient in oral care products, chewing gum, mints, and other candies!

Killer Creamery made it possible for me to share my favorite childhood traditions with my kids without compromising their health, and you and your kids should try it too!

Check out their social feed here: https://www.instagram.com/killercreamery/

Check out their website and buy your own here: https://killercreamery.com/

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