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I know. You’re overwhelmed, stressed, trying to lose weight, and fit in work and exercise, so maybe sex is the last thing on your mind. You are not alone. Depression, anxiety, medications, health issues, and depleted sex hormones reduce desire in the bedroom for most people. Long be- fore menopause, around 40 percent of women experience a reduced libido. Usually, we only think of testosterone as the sex hormone in men, but women have testosterone, too. The good news is that certain foods will ramp up your libido by increasing your blood flow, balancing and increasing sex hormones, and improving desire-building endorphin highs in your brain and body. Below are your best bets.

  • Pumpkin Seeds: According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, zinc is the ultimate sex mineral because it helps to boost levels of testosterone (it’s not just for us guys, ladies).
  • Greens: Magnesium, a mineral, increases blood flow by reducing inflammation in blood vessels (giving them more room to better circulate blood).
  • Green Tea: I’ve talked a lot about tea, but there’s something special about the green stuff. Green tea is especially rich in compounds called catechins, which have other belly- and body-fat-burning abilities, but they also boost desire by promoting blood flow down there.
  • Seafood: Doesn’t sound very sexy, does it? But omega-3 fatty acids increase your heart health and raise dopamine levels in your brain. The result is better circulation and blood flow, which can trigger arousal.
  • Dark Chocolate: There’s a reason chocolate became a gift given before amorous activity. Dark chocolate (70 percent or more cocoa) increases dopamine levels (your pleasure chemical), and this yummy stuff also opens up blood vessels and improves blood flow.
  • Garlic: This pungent little bulb has mighty sex powers. Garlic contains a compound that thins your blood, which improves circulation.
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