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When a plan is built just for you, based on the newest dietary science, you can expect results…guaranteed.

I’ve created each of my programs to help real people lose belly fat, and it works. Built on the proven science of Sugar Calories and backed with millions of successful clients, this is the true way to lose belly fat and keep it off.

I am thrilled to introduce to you my 3 programs for guaranteed weight loss results. Each program uses the newest science of Sugar Calories – the only calories that truly count – to help you get the results you want and lose 2 lbs. a week.

(NOTE: The video features my program for rapid weight loss – The 100. This is my plan that provides optimal health.)

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The new dietary science of losing belly fat

Each of my programs use the newest science of Sugar Calories — the only calories that truly count — to help you lose belly fat each week,

Everything you’ve been taught in the past about weight loss has been WRONG. Eating less, exercising more, or even thinking of all calories as equal will lead to failure every time. The secret to true, lasting weight loss comes from avoiding HIDDEN SUGAR CALORIES. Why? Because sugar stimulates the weight gain hormone, insulin. By keeping insulin levels low, you guarantee weight loss.

However, we now have a new understanding of what “sugar” is, and it may seem shocking. We are all aware that sugar lies in candy, soda, and cookies, but it has also been hiding in CARBOHYDRATES.

Carbs are molecularly structured as sugar and break down the same in our bodies; therefore, it is important we consider carbs as sugar when trying to keep insulin in check and lose weight.




 Each of my programs address how to avoid hidden Sugar Calories to get the results you are looking for and will teach you more about the dangers of sugar and carbs.