Cruise Control Report

The Cruise Control Report is a weekly letter that discusses everything going on that week in Jorge’s online community. It gives first peek access at new podcasts, discusses the topics for that week the member meetings and FB meetings, and drops any new news Jorge wants to share with the community!

Cruise Control Podcast

Every Monday Jorge posts a new podcast. It’s a weekly podcast where Jorge interviews people on how to improve their lives on all aspects and put their lives, not just their diets, on Cruise Control. You will learn from the best people Jorge is surrounded by on just how to do this.

Ask Jorge Streaming Show

A weekly series to go beyond weight-loss, empowering men and women to put their health on autopilot. There will be a topic for every show, and he will be speaking directly to any woman in need who wants to go live and ask her question. There will be special guests as well to give their advice as well!

The Jorge Cruise Blog

For the latest in info when it come to max health in the least mount of time. Jorge’s blog is split into nutrition, recipes, recovery, and motivation. Click here to check out his blog!

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