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I’ve been a weight loss and fitness trainer for over 25 years now, and it’s been my mission and passion in life to find the most effective, current, and science-backed ways to get my clients to reach their goals. For the most part, there aren’t any shortcuts – for weight loss and optimal health, a nourishing diet and regular exercise are key elements. However, it never hurts to have a little help from our friends in the science community! In the past few decades, there have been some really amazing advances in medical technology, and incredible devices have been developed to “hack” our biology and optimize wellness.

One of the coolest new treatments has to be PEMF, which stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy. My friends at Pulse Centers have mastered this process, and have developed some of the highest-quality devices and equipment. Let me break it down for you — the process of PEMF involves directing super-powerful, pulsed energy waves toward weak or injured areas of the body. More specifically, it uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to fully immerse low-energy cells in raw energy. Each cell in our bodies is like a little battery that holds a charge. Remember, our bodies are electrical, and our cells each need a good electrical jolt to function at their best. PEMF exercise supports the body’s natural abilities to optimize balanced body functions.  

So, how does this treatment work to hack your biology and improve health and wellness? Well, as I mentioned before, our cells are like little batteries, and over time they begin to lose their energy. The reduction our cells’ energy is the root of cellular dysfunction, which sets off a chain reaction of dysfunction in all the systems in the body. With PEMF, the theory is that you can energize your cells, which reduces the risk of cellular dysfunction. In other words, healthy cells equals a healthy body. Sounds great, right?

What’s also cool is that PEMF therapy is safe for all ages, so kids can enjoy the healthy benefits, as well. There are some exceptions, of course, which include: if you have an implanted electronic device including a pacemaker, defibrillator, cochlear hearing device, are pregnant, actively bleeding or have blood clots. It’s a pretty relaxing, calming experience…you sit back while the pulsations go to work. There are different devices, systems, and body-application accessories that can provide either a full-body experience, or target specific areas.

So when it comes to wellness, don’t get me wrong…you know I’m all about putting in the work, and making a real effort with a healthy diet and regular exercise. But as I said before, it never hurts to have a little hack every now and then, and more and more research is showing how effective PEMF therapy is for optimal health. Curious to try it? There are Pulse Centers all over the country, so there’s probably one not too far from you!

To find out more about the benefits of PEMF therapy and to find a Pulse Center near you, visit their website. And to keep up with all the latest happenings, research, and news, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, or on YouTube.

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