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I have been looking for the perfect home delivery service to recommend to my celebrity clients and Factor 75 is the one!

Factor 75 delivers the most nutritious meals crafted by gourmet chefs using the highest quality ingredients and designed by nutritionists for optimal nutrition.  

The majority of their meals are high in healthy fats and include the best anti-inflammatory foods.  Factor 75 is the perfect meal delivery service to help you execute on eating healthy (saving you time in the kitchen) and lines up well with my Cruise Control diet.

Factor 75 only uses the ingredients with the highest integrity. The ingredients are grass-fed and pastured, gluten free, no antibiotics or hormones, soy-free, no refined sugar, and non-GMO.

Click here to learn more about Factor 75: https://www.factor75.com/

Check them out on social here: https://www.instagram.com/factor75/

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