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I love spending time with family! My kids are my world. But sometimes, it can be a stressful experience with our busy schedules sometimes leading to the lack of exercise, activities that disrupt our healthy eating, and the amount of sleep we’re getting when we are with them. This is why I call my family surprising saboteurs because it isn’t their intention to sabotage me, but life happens!

What are my tips to avoid getting completely derailed over the holiday season?

  1. Stick to your fasting schedule and treat yourself at night with your meals. It’s hard to stay completely on track, but when you can try not to cut corners. Every week I do a live meeting regarding fast cheats.
  2. Wake up before the rest of the family and do a light workout, that way it’s out of the way and you can enjoy the rest of the day guilt-free. Every Monday I share a new 8- minute workout on my social channels that you can do all week long!
  3. It is critical you are well rested! You’re not you when you’re tired. And when dealing with family members, we need to be as clear-headed as possible. Which is why Gravity Blanket is the perfect holiday gift to cure these problems. With products that fit everyone’s needs; like their patented weighted sleep mask, travel weighted blanket, Queen blanket, and different weights and colors to choose from! Gravity is the only brand of weighted blanket proven to improve sleep and reduce stress. In a recent SleepScore Labs study, 72 percent of people reported a better night’s sleep with Gravity. Best part of all, you’ll get 30% off when you use CRUISECONTROL on their site. 

Check out one of my clients, The Real Housewives of New York’s Sonja Morgan, as she utilizes the Gravity mask! It helps at the end of workout and when she’s trying to get that extra sleep around the holiday season with all the events she has going on with family and friends.

Most of all, enjoy this holiday season, and your family and friends! Take some time to be thankful for the little things. What am I most thankful for? You, my community, my family, and my health.

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