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Man, do I love a good charcuterie plate! So many rich, exotic flavors, all combined on one beautiful platter. Charcuterie is a French word for smoked, dry-cured or cooked meats, and a typical charcuterie board is overflowing with meats, cheeses, and crackers or bread, as well as olives, nuts, dried fruits, and jam. But I often take a hard pass on some of those foods in a typical spread, because they just don’t fit into my current diet and lifestyle. Most prominently, the carb-heavy breads and crackers that are always piled high! But it’s natural to want to treat yourself from time to time, and in moderation it’s ok to splurge. Charcuterie is certainly a decadent treat that I reserve for special occasions. But there are some ingredients on the tray that can be regularly enjoyed as part of a balanced diet, as well as some smart swaps that can make a charcuterie board a little bit healthier.

Some of the items on a traditional charcuterie plate are more in line with a sensible diet than others! Parmesan cheese is one of those items – nutty, sharp, and delicious, it’s really versatile and complements so many different dishes. On my Cruise Control Fasting program — which is my own spin on the popular weight-loss trend of intermittent fasting — I show you how to cheat your 16-hour fast and never feel hungry by leaning on healthy fats like butter, avocado or MCT oil, and heavy cream. And for your 8-hour eating window, I share tons of recipes and ideas for creating yummy, anti-inflammatory meals, many made with parmesan cheese. In fact, if you check out my new book, The Cruise Control Diet, you’ll see a slew of meal options that include this tasty variety of hard cheese!

Given my affinity for parmesan cheese, it’s no surprise that I’m completely obsessed with ParmCrisps. Oven-baked and made from 100% aged parmesan cheese, ParmCrisps are crunchy little rounds that are perfect on their own as a snack, or if you want to add some texture and cheesy flavor to soups or salads. My friends at this awesome company like to say that with ParmCrisps, the possibilities are endless! I couldn’t agree more…they make truly delightful products that my boys and I really enjoy. So, is it possible to make a healthier charcuterie plate with ParmCrisps – YES!

I love to replace all the carb-heavy breads and crackers on my charcuterie platter with ParmCrisps. It’s literally THE carbless cracker! Whether you’re craving the cheesy crunch of the crisps on their own, or you want to layer other ingredients on top, there are so many tasty combinations you can create — without all the extra carbs you want to avoid. ParmCrisps are keto-friendly, gluten-free, packed with protein, and have ZERO carbs. So whatever your diet restrictions or your reasons are for avoiding carbs, these crispy wonders provide a really tasty alternative.

The folks at ParmCrisps care about their high-quality ingredients, and it shows in their products. The cheese used to make ParmCrisps is 100% aged parmesan cheese, and I really love that the team is committed to sourcing their cheese from right here in the U.S.A. ParmCrisps are oven-baked in small batches, and they’re seasoned with a special selection of all-natural spices for rich, authentic flavor. There are a bunch of delicious varieties to enjoy, and it comes in a bunch of convenient packages like pouches, tubs, and trios. It’s so easy to grab a package and go, too, since the pouches are resealable and totally portable. For snack-time, meal-time OR a healthier charcuterie plate (!), ParmCrisps are a great, savory option.

So go out and discover your favorite ways to enjoy this tasty, totally carbless cracker! To find out more about ParmCrisps’ delicious line of products, head over to their website. And to keep up with all the latest happenings in the world of ParmCrisps, check them out on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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