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I love pasta and eating well and for many years, I looked at spiralizing veggies as a way to replace traditional high-calorie pasta. This takes a lot of time but luckily, I have fallen in love with a product that cuts this 20-30 minute process down to no time flat.

This is an incredibly fresh product available nationwide. If it wasn’t for Cece’s Veggie Noodles, I would have an excuse to not eat this way, but now I can have pasta, fried rice, and even healthy macaroni and cheese! There is no waste of time, and it makes eating healthy a long-term habit!

I will always remember Oprah’s advice, in life you have to keep things simple,I always tell my celebrity clients this is the ultimate fresh option to spiralize pasta dishes and any traditional high-car dish.

Find out more about Cece’s and buy their food here: https://cecesveggieco.com/

Check out their social: https://www.instagram.com/cecesveggieco/

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