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So many of the celebrity clients that I work with are aware that corn syrup does break the fast because it’s high in sugar and people don’t realize that it’s also very inflammatory and processed, even more so than real sugar. 

I’ve talked about corn syrup in many of my past books. It is so refined that it truly is one of the highest sources of contributors to belly fat and can be found in fruit drinks, sodas, and many other snacks. 

The ultimate fasting swap for corn syrup is a plant-based sweetener. There are many types but my favorite is SweetLeaf that’s made with stevia.

Unlike many other stevia-based products, this is not bitter, it tastes just like sugar, and is delicious. Click here to learn more about stevia at our next meeting!

Click here to discover my favorite brand of stevia, SweetLeaf, including chocolate to caramel, yummy!

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