Cruise Control Fasting


So, what is intermittent fasting — how does it work? And what makes my Cruise Control Fasting plan different?

In the past 20 years, I’ve had my finger on the pulse of all the latest health and fitness trends, and what I’ve learned is that there is nothing more powerful than intermittent fasting to improve your health.

There is real, scientific evidence  that if you follow the basic principle of an 8-hour eating window and a 16-hour fasting window, you will lose weight…even up to a pound a day.


There is a catch, though…you will feel hungry during that fasting window.

Which is not surprising, considering there are several waking hours when your body needs to be in that critical, fat-burning mode.

And THAT’S what makes Cruise Control Fasting different!

I’ve created my own intermittent fasting program where you never feel hungry during that 16-hour fast.

How? By “hacking” the rules with delicious drinks and snacks laced with healthy fats that satisfy your hunger without disrupting the fasting process.

You can enjoy frothy, creamy coffees, delicious teas…and even chocolate mousse.


And during your eating window, you get to eat real, indulgent foods like burgers, pasta, tacos, and much more.

With Cruise Control Fasting, you’ll take better control of your health…you’ll burn belly fat fast, feel more energy, disease-proof and age-proof your body, and improve your fitness — automatically.

Ready to get started?