Cruise Control Fasting

In a compelling new twist on keto, celebrity trainer and #1 New York Times bestselling author, Jorge Cruise, will show you his Hollywood approved Cruise Control “treat cheats” that trick your body into thinking that fasting is feasting. Imagine fasting without actually foregoing food— and never feeling hungry.

How does it work?

Simply take your 24 hour day and pick your custom 8-hour window where you get to eat a balanced of macronutrients including CARBS (things like pasta, pizza, dessert, and even wine)! Then for 16 hours you simply avoid insulin raising carbs and proteins. But what’s great about Cruise Control, is that during that 16 hour window (hopefully 8 of those hours you’re sleeping), you will cheat your fast with Jorge’s revolutionary “healthy fat” indulgent “treat cheats” (things like lattes, chocolate mousse, or vanilla pudding). So get ready to shed up to 1 pound of belly fat every single day!