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Confidence is the greatest secret weapon in having a happy and healthy life. And for my partner, Sam, he was born with a very rare genetic situation where he did not have adult teeth come in. For many years he has a great smile, but not his best smile. Through the incredible work from Dr. Rosenthal, Sam now has a new confident smile!

The benefits of a confident smile is the idea that it has been scientifically proven that smiles can improve how you feel. Even just frowning can make you sad. The body’s physiology follows the direction of your body. If you smile you become happy, if you frown you become sad.

I’m so happy Dr. Rosenthal gave Sam the gift of confidence. If anyone else struggles from this, and you can get to Los Angeles, there is no one other than Dr. Rosenthal that I recommend.

Just something as small as getting your teeth cleaned, whitened, to straightened, or getting a whole new smile like Sam has done through dental implants, can skyrocket your confidence.

Please look to Dr. Rosenthal to give you your confidence back. I am so grateful to him for giving Sam this

incredible gift.

Find out more about Dr. Rosenthal’s incredible services here: http://gaberosenthaldds.com/

Or contact his office: http://gaberosenthaldds.com/contact-us/

Check out his social too: https://www.instagram.com/drgaberosenthal/

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