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I always have those days where I don’t have time to have a proper lunch. Sometimes I’m in Studio City for meetings then have to drive over to West Hollywood to record with my podcast team, and then I can be in Beverly Hills at the end of the day coaching clients.. It’s a lot!

What’s a quick and easy way to stop hunger in its tracks once you’re in you’re eating zone? I tell all my celebrity clients that cheese can be a great way to stop hunger when you don’t have time for a proper lunch.

My favorite cheese hack is Parm Crisps. I grab a bag and I’m ready to go. Sometimes I use this on my salad at night, or I’ll just straight up eat it out of the bag. My new favorite is their jalapeno flavor, as you know, soy Mexicano, and I do enjoy a little kick!

You can easily buy them on Amazon:


And their social: https://www.instagram.com/parmcrisps/

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