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This past week I went to Expo West and it was amazing! I am always so excited since as long as I can remember, on my birthday, March 6th, I get to celebrate at a Natural Products Expo!

I get to visit all my favorite companies and taste their new products and even find new ones that align with my diet, and of course are delicious!

This year, I was so lucky to meet with one of my new favorite cheesy treats, Parm Crisps. You guys, this snack is gluten free and fully made of cheese. It pairs so well with hummus, as a garnish on top of a salad for a little added crunch, or even just plain!

They made these amazingly convenient on the go bags that have the perfect amount of cheesy goodness and it fills me up until my next main meal!

The Jalepeno featured in my picture was my favorite, until I tried the pizza flavor… can you believe that they made pizza healthy and on the go?!

You need to try these, check out their website: https://parmcrisps.com/

Follow them along on social: https://www.instagram.com/parmcrisps/

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