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Today I’m recording part 1 of the audio for my new book, The Cruise Control Diet. It comes out in 3 weeks, I am beyond excited for you all to see what I’ve been working on for the past 3 years!

Recording audio for a book requires a lot of energy and a healthy voice. I need to have full energy and stamina to read my entire book. It’s two full days in a recording studio.

Along with having plenty of water, and the proper food to fuel my body for the 6 hour recording days, I use my NanoVi machine for 15 minutes before I record, in the middle when I take a break, and afterwards too.

Eng3’s NanoVi technology repairs cellular damage caused by things like free radicals and for only 15 minutes, can make you feel like a million bucks! This power of distilled water and this technology is nothing like I’ve ever seen before.

I’m so excited that for the past year I’ve started to get into the biohacking world, with all the technology I’m learning about I literally might live forever!

Just kidding, but this device is one of the top notch devices I’ve ever used to recover and reset your body.  Cell damage is natural, it is bound to happen, but the NanoVi augments a signal that is naturally generated by the body and is essential to cellular activity.

To learn more about how this happens, check out this link for a visual explanation: http://eng3corp.com/how-does-nanovi-work/

You guys have to try this! It’s amazing for right when I wake up before I record audio, or even right after the gym and my body needs to recover and reset!

Follow them along on social too to stay completely up-to-date! https://www.instagram.com/eng3corp/

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