My Secret to Better Sleep

My Secret to Better Sleep

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As I’ve gotten older, there is so much on my mind and so many different stressors, that when it’s time for me to go to bed, my body has the hardest time turning off. I had a beautiful italian bed that was aesthetically pleasing and super comfortable, but I just couldn’t get into that relaxed state that I needed to get a good night sleep.

I didn’t know that my bed was poisonous… did you?

I am honored to have met Claus and Denise Pummer. They introduced me to Samina and my sleep has never been the same.

I just recently met them and they helped set up my bed in my Del Mar home, look how amazing it looks!

Not only is it beautiful and the color of the wood fits in perfectly with my room decor, but I’m no longer poisoning my body with normal bed components like metal springs!

My Samina bed allows me to reset my body while relieving stress from the following things:

-Back pain



-Asthma and allergies

-Sleepless nights

-Tossing and turning



-Adjustable for comfort

-Eco-friendly, sustainable materials

-Animal friendly


-Spinal Support

-Breathable, open air system

I’ll never use another bed!

Check them out here: https://saminasleep.com/

Follow their social here: https://www.instagram.com/samina_sleep/

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Additional Anti-inflammatory Habits

Additional Anti-inflammatory Habits

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Localized cryotherapy is the application of cryogenically cooled air to specific parts of the body. Did you know that it can be used to alleviate pain, inflammation and speed up recovery from injuries? It does this through cryogenically cooled air penetrating deeper into the layers of tissue and increasing blood circulation.

I’m about to get my very own CRYO Penguin and I can’t wait!

As a celebrity trainer, I am always on the move. I, as well as my clients, need something to help them recover from training in the best way possible.

I started learning more about Cryotherapy last year and I am all in!

As we get older, the things that we eat, the environment that we are in, are all contributing factors to becoming more inflamed. As you may know, my new lifestyle plan, The Cruise Control Diet, focuses on a high-fat, low carb, anti-inflammatory, way of eating.

To add on to this and really activate your anti-inflammatory lifestyle, add Cryotherapy to your weekly regime as it can help to decrease inflammation in the body.

To learn more, check out their website here: cryosc.com 

To follow them along their Cryo journey, follow them on social here: https://www.instagram.com/cryo_science/

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Relax and Recover

Relax and Recover

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After a long day of using my laptop, one of the things I do is make sure I release tension from my arms and hands.

Since last year I’ve been using my Myobuddy Massager that has a flat spitting disc that not only generates heat but gives me a professional level massage in minutes.

This is the best way that I have found to reduce adhesions and knots in my body at home .

There are two different products, the Myobuddy Massager Pro and the Myobuddy Massager Pro Plus. The Pro has 3 adjustable levels, professional strength, a 6” wide massage surface area, and a 3-layer massage pad.

As if that doesn’t sound good enough, the Pro Plus has 50 adjustable levels, professional strength, 6” wide massage surface area, 3-layer massage pad, the smoothest and lightest of the massagers, and a reinforced handle.

These are affordable and if cared for well, can last a lifetime!

To learn more about the Myobuddy and get your own, check out their website: http://myobuddy.com/

To follow them along on all things Myobuddy, follow their social here: https://www.instagram.com/myobuddymassager/

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Attain and Maintain a Healthy Weight

Attain and Maintain a Healthy Weight

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So many of my celebrity clients are unaware that in trying to lose weight, higher levels of oxygen can support your weight loss goals. One of the things I love about the NanoVi is that it supports the oxygen and weight loss process by helping cell metabolism, mostly importantly oxygen metabolism.

When working with a lot of celebrity clients they are unaware of their cell metabolism and understand how it occurs is maximizing your oxygen levels. There are so many ways to do it but the easiest way to use the nano. In 15 minutes it can support oxygen metabolism.

I start off my day on the right food, to prepare my body for whatever the day has in store for me. So in the morning, as I review the galley for my new book, “The Cruise Control Diet”, I use the NanoVi for 15 minutes to stimulate my cell metabolism so when I work out later in the day, I am ready to go!

To find out more and click here: http://eng3corp.com/

Check out their social here: https://www.instagram.com/eng3corp

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My Subzero Weight Loss Trick

My Subzero Weight Loss Trick

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Guys, I’m super excited about this new device I am about to get. It’s called the CRYO Penguin. It’s a modern mobile device that treats localized tissue damage in athletes, induces cell rejuvenation, improves skin tone, and reduces the ongoing effects of ageing.

The Penguin can help with:

-Cellulite Reduction

-Skin Collagen Boosting

It’s design makes it sleek, stylish, and it’s programming is easy to use.

Dr. Krzysztof Zimmer, Doctor of Medical Science Traumatic surgery and sports medicine expert said, “Due to the excellent results obtained using treatment with the WBC, practice encompassed using this method in cosmetology. Studies showed that exposure to low temperature in Cryo Chambers leads to increased collagen production and influences the transformation of different type of collagen fibers improving elasticity of skin and its connective tissue.”

As you can see, this little machine is going to strengthen the connective tissue on you body which will in turn make your skin smoother and tighter. Who doesn’t want that!

On top of the outer appearance benefits, it can help with muscle recovery as well. If you have a certain pain that you are experiencing, you can target that location to help it. This will help to heal your body from the outside in.

I can’t wait to get his and start age proofing my body!

Check out more about them here: cryosc.com 

See their social here: https://www.instagram.com/cryo_science/

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Oxidative Stress Release

Oxidative Stress Release

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The most important biohacking distinction I’ve learned is the power of oxidative stress on the body from living in a modern world. There are oxidative damages due to iPhones, laptops, cell phone towers and even excessive blue light exposure. For me I’ve been so blessed to find the power of structured water to fix my body in 15 minutes. If you want to maximize your health and reduce this damage, do 15 minutes daily of the NanoVi structured water technology. I use it every day and can feel a real change in my body!

The NanoVi device can help to repair everyday cell damage caused by what we’re eating, what we’re breathing, and what we are exposed to. It works by producing the same biological signal your body makes to repair cell damage brought on by free radicals (aka reactive species or ROS).

Anyone can use this device, whether you’re a personal user, an athlelte, or even a health and wellness professional, this device is for you.

Check them out here to learn more: http://eng3corp.com/

Social: https://www.instagram.com/eng3corp/

Check out this video from Bulletproof that shares the anti-aging properties of this device: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtaRvRiPwXc

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