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Have you joined the Cruise Control Fasting Revolution yet? My new book, The Cruise Control Diet, just dropped earlier this month and it’s available wherever books are sold, so go pick one up! It flew to the top of Amazon’s Diet and Nutrition book categories in just the first few days, so I’m really excited that so many people have been interested in checking it out.

Cruise Control Fasting is my own take on the popular trend of intermittent fasting, which is an incredibly powerful tool in transforming your body and your health. In over two decades of being a fitness trainer and wellness expert, I’ve never seen anything more effective for blasting belly fat fast…and there are tons of other health benefits, as well. You’ll lose weight, you’ll have more energy, and this plan will also age and disease-proof your body! How? There’s a very cool process that happens when we fast called autophagy, a cellular self-cleansing process that breaks down and recycles damaged molecules and cells in our bodies. And it does all of this without any pangs of hunger, because on my plan you “cheat the fast” with healthy fats that keep you satiated.

In the book, you’ll find all sorts of amazing drink and snack recipes that you can enjoy during your 16-hour fasting window. But an equally important feature of my Cruise Control Fasting plan is that during your 8-hour eating window, you want to stick to an anti-inflammatory diet consisting of 50% fats, 30% healthy carbs, and 20% protein. This combination of foods and nutrients will help you optimize all your meals, and set yourself up for success! There are a ton of savory recipes in the book that are super-delicious, but for those of you who have a sweet tooth, I have plenty in the book for you, too.

In fact, me and my boys all have a little sweet tooth, so I always try to include a dessert or treat into my 8-hour eating window. Which brings me to my very favorite cookies, called Keto-Snap. I talk about my great love for these cookies in the book, and I also provide a delicious recipe for Snap Cookie Ice-Cream Sliders, tasty ice cream sandwiches made with these crunchy cookies.

Keto-Snaps taste like vanilla and cinnamon, they are Cruise Control Fasting–friendly (in your 8-hour eating window), and they are wheat-free, gluten-free, preservative- and additive-free, AND non-GMO. They won’t spike your blood sugar or signal insulin to store calories as fat, so you can enjoy these guilt-free anytime you want a sweet treat. My whole family loves Keto-Snaps, and we literally take them with us wherever we go — I always have a box in the car and in my gym bag. Whether you enjoy them on the go, or at the dinner table layered with other satisfying ingredients, you can’t go wrong with these crispy cookies.

I was so thrilled to include a quality product like Keto-Snaps in The Cruise Control Diet, and I love the whole team over there! Thank you for joining in the celebration when the book came out earlier this month.

Keto-Snaps were made to satisfy those who want a sweet treat, while also providing meaningful nutrition from whole food ingredients. Do yourself a favor and get some of these delicious, guilt-free cookies — I know you’ll thank me. Visit their website for more information about their products, for creative recipes, and more. You can also follow all that’s going on in the Keto-Snaps community on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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