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I like to try and stay ahead of things, stretching before I workout, starting the day going over my calendar with my right-hand to make sure I’m prepared for the day, and staying ahead of any sickness that tries to sneak its way in in these winter months.

My favorite preventative care, that I make my kids do as well since schools are a germs playground is Xlear.

I’ve been using Xlear products for the past 16 years almost. My good friend, Nathan Jones, is the CEO of this company that was started by his father, whose mission is to provide simple and cost-effective prevention so people can live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Xlear has been the industry leader in providing the newest innovations in drug-free sinus care since they started in 2000.

I use their Adult Nasal Spray every day to keep my nose clean. Especially when I’m travelling and flying from San Diego to NYC, that’s a long time to be breathing in the same air that hundreds of other people are, and they may be sick and breathing that into the recycled air.

When I start to get sick, I use the saline solution and neti pot to irrigate my sinuses. This makes sure that my upper airways are clean and clear of contaminants, helping me to breathe more freely.

It’s super easy, cost efficient, and best of all makes sure that my family is healthy!

To learn more about Xlear and all the products they offer check them out here: http://www.xlear.com/

To stay up-to-speed on the latest and greatest, follow their social here: https://www.instagram.com/xlear/

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